Potential Fertility Rite

Two women, wearing short white folklore blouses and grey folklore leather shorts, are holding a red ball each in front of their chests. On their feet they are wearing white moon boots and traditional wooden snowshoes. They walk synchronised and mirrored along the shape of a Celtic Knot, moving in and out of the centre, where the balls meet and bounces off each other. You hear the rhythmical walk of the snowshoes. At one point both women sit down on the balls and starts bouncing. A clapping game starts. Suddenly both women stand up, grabbing the others ball, lift them up and continue there walk.

Duration: 5 hours – loop 20 min


Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany, 2016, Duration: 4 hours
YYZ Artists Outlet, Toronto, Canada, 2009, Duration: 5 hours
Artists Space, New York, USA, 2007, Duration: 5 hours

Other Work with Snowshoes

Installation: The First Decade
Photo: upcoming

Photo: Shannon Cochrane/©TBL