This exhibition is an encounter between performance duo TBL (TallBlondLadies) and painter Ruslan Daskalov.
Something both artistic positions have in common, is a tendency towards highly formalised figures, as well as their incisive interaction concerning female metaphors and stereotypes.
In his digital paintings, Ruslan Daskalov reduces the female body to almost painful, superficial decorative elements that are fused with their surroundings, mostly consisting of natural props and landscapes, to form a highly synthetic amalgam.
In the performances and video works by TallBlondLadies (Anna Berndtson & Irina Runge), sound plays a decisive role. In evocative, repetitive sound-patterns and sequences of steps, we are confronted with both familiar yet puzzling cheerleader-, gymnast- and ballerina-figures; Schoolgirl-like ideals that almost come true, were it not for the stoic faces and the mechanical, almost automated, sequences and sounds.
Uneven set at set point.


NKR – NEUER KUNSTRAUM, Düsseldorf, Germany, 2021

Photo: Johannes Bendzulla/©TBL