Ascendant Landing

Two women are standing on each side of a long stretched blue rope. The rope is tied around their waist. They are wearing roller skates, white short fur jackets, felt mini-skirts and kneepads. With the help of the rope, one pulls the other slowly towards her. The one that is pulled is squatting and leaning forward, frozen in her position. As they meet they walk around each other and the one that was pulling is now walking away slowly, step by step, on the stoppers of the roller-skates. This is repeated over and over again. 

Duration: 5 hours – loop 20 min


Platform Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2013 – Duration 5 hours
Presso Palazzo Congressi, Alba, Italy, 2008 – Duration: 4 hours
Artists Space, New York, USA, 2007 – Duration: 5 hours
Galerie Zero, Berlin, Germany, 2007 – Duration: 30 minutes.

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Photo: Viola Yesiltac, Galerie Zero/©TBL