TBL (TalBlondLadies)

The TBL Story – coming soon


TBL are represented at the Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI)

TBL are members of the Tanz und Performance Netzwerk Schleswig-Holstein (TuP.SH)

Both Anna and Irina where founding members of IPG (Independent Performance Group) – 2003-2007 – later Abramovic Foundation



TBL (TallBlondLadies) are the resipiants of the NPN Stepping Out funding program as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR assistance program 2021 from JOINT ADVENTURES // NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ, Germany

In Progress

The group plan42 comprises the performance duo TBL (TallBlondLadies), consisting of Anna Berndtson and Irina Runge, the video artist Kathrin Jobczyk and the sound artist Corinna Siebert. The group was founded after the research grant flausen +, which took place in July 2019 in the Theater im Ballsaal in Bonn. plan42 combines the media of Long Duration Performance, Live Drawing Projection and Sound.

plan42 are continuing its research and plan to device a long durational stage performance, with the hope to be able to present it in 2021.