TBL (TallBlondLadies)

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Peak & Tuft


TBL - performance: Peak & Tuft, Belfast 2013   Floating on metal spikes, Peak & Tuft flexes, swings and marches.

Duration: 15 min looped
Platform Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2013 - Duration 5h

Gentle Force


TBL - performance: Gentle Force, Aabenraa, 2011   In Gentle Force body-check and ballet posses are broken through the turning of the ballet pole.

Duration: 15 min looped
Burgkloster, Lübeck, Germany, 2011 - Duration: 3h
Seogyo Art Space, Seoul, South Korea, 2011 - Duration: 4h
Skolevej 1a, Aabenraa, Denmark, 2011 - Duration: 4h
Devious Step


TBL - performance: Devious Step, Banegaarden Kunst og Kultur,Banegaarden Kunst og Kultur, 2012   Devious Step serves, and at the same time brakes, shapes and patterns.

Duration: 30 min looped
Banegaarden Kunst og Kultur, Aabenraa, Denmark, 2012 - Duration: 2 1/2h
kunstraum_mühlenstrasse, Lübeck, Germany, 2010 - Duration: 3h
Flat Arrangement


TBL - performance: Flat Arrangement - Artweek,2009   With laced corset and football shoes Flat Arrangement marks its time in a static position.

Duration: variable
Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lübeck, Germany, 2012 - Duration: 1h
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto, Canada, 2009 - Duration: 1h
Banegaarden Kunst og Kultur, Aabenraa, Denmark, 2009 - Duration: 3 x 30 min
Potential Fertility Rite TBL - performance: Potential Fertility Rite  - Artists Space 2007   Potential Fertility Rite uses childish play in a movement that can only be seen as a traditional invocation rite.

Duration: 20 min looped
YYZ Artists Outlet, Toronto, Canada, 2009 - Duration: 5h
Artists Space, New York, USA, 2007 - Duration: 5h
Ascendant Landing TBL - performance: Ascendant Landing - Artists Space 2007  

Ascendant Landing is failing in its elegance and grace, as the two women, secure in a horizontal movement, stiffens in the action.

Duration: 10 min looped
Platform Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2013 - Duration 5h
Presso Palazzo Congressi, Alba, Italy, 2008 - Duration: 4h
Artists Space, New York, USA, 2007 - Duration: 5h
Galerie Zero, Berlin, Germany, 2007 - Duration: 30 min.

Big Dip TBL - performance: Big Dip - Artists Space 2007   Though Big Dip aspires to athleticisms it is broken through the ability of the two women in there home knitted woollen fashion.

Duration: 20 min looped
Platform Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2013 - Duration 5h
Artists Space, New York, USA, 2007 - Duration: 5h
National Museum Szczecin, Polen, 2007 - Duration: 1h
Barkenhoff, Künstlerhäuser Worpswede, Germany, 2006 - Duration: 2h
Light Mount TBL - performance: Light Mount - Sils Maria 2006   Light Mount is anything but

Duration: variable
Sils Maria, Switzerland, 2006
Long Walk TBL - performance: Long Walk - Worpswede 2006   In Long Walk the two rocking skirts sets of an eternal game between the straight and the curved.

Duration: 15 min. looped
HAN, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 2008 - Duration: 1h
Hebbel am Ufer 1, Berlin, Germany, 2005 - Duration: 5h
P.S.1 Contemporary Art Centre, New York, USA, 2004 - Duration: 3h
Temperamental Dance TBL - performance: Temperamental Dance - Braunschweig 2003   The icy minute precision in Temperamental Dance cuts a mandala through the old coffee grounds.

Duration; 20 min. looped
Röhsska museet, Göteborg, Sweden, 2008 - Duration: 30 min.
Galleria Illy, New York, USA, 2005 - Duration: 6h
ArtMax, Braunschweig, Germany, 2003 - Duration: 20 min.